John 3:16


Baseboards, fans , A/C vents are cleaned at every visit.
Clean equipment
Dust windows frames/ sills and blinds
Dust/clean mirror/pictures frame
Dust lamps/shades
Clean all furniture
Empty waste baskets
Sweep/damp mop floor or vacuumcarpet


Clean top/sides/front of all appliances

Clean backsplash/countertop/scour sinks.

Dust windows frames/ sills and blinds

Empty waste basket

Sweep/damp mop floor

Clean microwave in & out

Amazing Touch Cleaning offers a wide range of services. We can handle it all, from small to large businesses. Whatever your need, we can design a customized solution for you. Some of our popular services include:


Amazing Touch Cleaning

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Clean toilet/top to bottom/inside and out
Clean mirrors
Clean sink/soap dish/chrome
Clean counter top/windowframe/baseboards
Sweep/damp mop floorEmpty waste basket